Sm Kintsugi Flag 6


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Kintsugi is a Japanese technique and philosophy of embracing the imperfect.  The story goes that a 15th century Japanese Ruler broke a cherished tea bowl. The technique to repair things in those days was with ugly staples, but this piece was so important to him, he asked his craft's people to find another way.  They mixed resin with 24k gold and reformed the piece.  The idea is that the history and imperfections of the piece are as important as the piece itself. The work was so popular in its day, that people intentionally broke their family heirlooms, just so they could be repaired with Kintsugi.

These flags are also my tribute to Jasper Johns. They are handmade by me in the Berkshires and are porcelain, finished with 24k gold, I designed them as wall hangings.

8.75" x 7"