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Product Care

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Product Care

Michael Wainwright is the exclusive designer of every piece in his portfolio. His design studio, located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, is where he returns between travels to sculpt newly inspired collections.

Gilded Porcelain and Bone China

Michael’s gilded porcelain and bone china collections are decorated with 24k gold or platinum. The bone china dinnerware collections; Tempio Luna, and Como are dishwasher-safe, and are made in the USA.  The Truro dinnerware collection is  safe for occasional dishwasher use, however, washing by hand is recommended and will prolong the patina of the pieces. These wares are not for use in a microwave oven. 

Non-Gilded Porcelain and Bone China

The white ware dinner collections are microwaveable and dishwasher-safe. They can go directly from the freezer to the oven to the table. 


The gilded glass collections are made of crystalline and decorated with 24k gold or platinum. While the glass is food- and beverage-safe, it is non-microwavable, and not safe for use in a dishwasher. The frosted, non-gilded collection is dishwasher safe, but not microwavable.

Wood Giftware

Michael Wainwright’s wood giftware collection pieces are made of hardwood with a walnut stain.  To maintain the wood's finish, clean with a soft cloth moistened with soap and water and polish occasionally with beeswax.  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.  Do not allow liquids to remain on wood for any length of time.  Do not place hot items on wood.

Serving Utensils

Michael’s flatware and metal serve ware collections are made of 18/10 stainless steel.  The platinum metal pieces are dishwasher safe, but non-microwavable. The gold collections are not dishwasher safe and not microwavable.

*All Michael Wainwright products are food-safe.